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Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1964

Already as a child intensive occupation with drawing and painting

School, job, few time for Art, move to Germany in 1990, wedding, study of Technical Translation as guest student, training as Foreign language correspondent, I found Art again/Art found me again in 1995

Member of the Société des Artistes Indépendants of Paris (1999 - 2002) and of the Group of Artists AKZENTE of Laatzen (2004 - 2016)

Works in private and public collections in Europe and Brazil. Since 2010 one of my works is now part of the permanent collection of the Juelich Zitadelle Museum, Germany

Solo exhibitions (selection):


2023 Laatzen near Hanover, "SERENITAS", Kunstkreis (3 - 26 September 2023)


2021 - 2022  HildesheimHistorisches Rathaus (Historic Town Hall, 8 September 2021 - 30 August 2022)

2020 Hildesheim, "STUMME POESIE", Medicinum (8 March - 30 August, extended until 28 February 2021)
2019 Hildesheim, "ANIMA", Mother House of the Merciful Sisters of Saint Vincent of Paul
2019 Brunsvique, Galerie Hugo 45
2018 Nordstemmen, "Mikrowelten", Art Factory (14 October - 11 November)
2018 Hildesheim, "Farbtöne", Musikschule Hildesheim (22 August 2018 - 4 February 2019)
2016 Brunswick, Galerie Hugo 45 (21 May-19 June)
2014 Wolfsburg, Forum Autovision, 3 February - 7 April 2014
2013 Hildesheim, Medicinum
         Abbensen, Kunsttreff
2012 Hildesheim, Rooms 25 Gallery
         Rathaus (City Hall)
2011 Laatzen, Kunstkreis
2010 Hildesheim, Kreishaus
2009 Harsum, Tele Atlas
2004 Hildesheim, cafe.kom – Hildesheimer Volkshochschule
2003 Abbensen, Kunsttreff Abbensen 
2002 Duesseldorf, Art Room Gallery
2001 Harsum, Tele Atlas
         Hanover, GISMA (German International Graduate School of Management and Administration)
         Hanover, Zimmer-Galerie R.
2000 Laatzen, Kunstkreis 
         Garching, Galerie 17
1999 Hanover-Fairgrounds, Information Center
1998 Abbensen, Kunsttreff Abbensen

Group exhibitions:

2006 Hanover, group exhibition with the Laatzen group of artists AKZENTE at the Wolfgang Mehl Gallery in Hanover
         Hildesheim, “Art in the Factory“ – 2nd group show of the studio community at the Kulturfabrik Loeseke
2005 Laatzen, group exhibition with the Laatzen group of artists AKZENTE at the Kunstkreis Laatzen
         Hildesheim, “Art in the Factory“ – 1st group show of the studio community at the Kulturfabrik Loeseke
         Harsum, Tele Atlas, benefit exhibition organised by the Hildesheim Association for Suicide Prevention
2004 Laatzen, Leine-Center, group exhibition with the Laatzen group of artists AKZENTE
         Hanover, TCH (Technology-Centre Hanover)
2002 Hanover, Zimmer-Galerie R.
2001 Caputh, Pro Arte Gallery
1999 Paris, Galerie Façade

Art Fairs:

2007 Rotterdam, Art Fair KUNST-EVENT
2005 Salzburg, Art Fair KunstForum
2003 Osnabrueck, Art Fair Impulse International, City Hall
         Cologne, Koelner Kunstmarkt
2002 Bamberg, Creative Forum
2001 Paris, Salon des Indépendants
2000 Paris, Salon des Indépendants;
         Leipzig, 2nd Leipzig Young Art Show
         Hanover, EXPO 2000
1999 Paris, Salon des Indépendants (origin of the term "Globism")
         São Paulo, Salão Internacional de Arte, Mostra Contemporânea
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