About me

Even as a small child I liked to draw and paint and with the years the importance of art in my life has grown more and more.

Nevertheless, it wasn't until 1995, after emigrating to Germany in 1990, founding a family, fatherhood, studies and profession, that I realized that art for me was much more than just a balance, but a vocation and a mission.

I did not attend an art college; life, everyday life, people, nature and not least the study of many artist biographies were and are my teachers on this path.

Art, like love, belongs to the category of inexplicable things in our lives. And like love in all its forms, art may often make us sad, but it always makes us happy and free.

The great French painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864 - 1901) once put it this way: "If art touches you, my friend, it will never let you go".

I am happy that art has also touched me.